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Spokane Convention Center

Spokane Convention Center


World's Fair (Expo '74) opens in Spokane, WA

Washington State Pavilion and Opera House are used to host events/exhibits

At the conclusion of the Fair, the two buildings are transferred to the City of Spokane


The newly remodeled Spokane Convention Center and Opera House opened

The Convention Center has 40,000 sq ft and six meeting rooms


The first expansion adds a 17,000 sq ft ballroom, seven meeting rooms and a 270 seat conference theater

The added space allows the Center to bring in larger conventions and meetings


A local committee, Facilities 2000, researches the feasibility of an additional expansion


The Spokane Convention Center and Opera House are transferred to the Spokane Public Facilities District (SPFD)

The SPFD is able to secure funding from the State of Washington for a second expansion


Second major expansion adds a 100,000 sq ft Exhibit Hall, six new meeting rooms, and included remodeling the original exhibit space (Ag Trade Center) into a grand Ballroom (the largest in the city)

The new expansion space paves the way for larger conventions and events, such as the highly celebrated 2007 US Figure Skating Championships


20/20 Vision project launches, defining a twenty-year growth plan for the Convention Center and tourism in the region

Included in the 20/20 project is the plan to complete the 2010 expansion by adding 20,000 sq ft to the Exhibit Hall, 12 new meeting rooms, and a new ballroom


Construction starts on the third expansion (completion) project


Third expansion is complete, adding 20,000 sq ft of exhibit space, 12 meeting rooms, an executive boardroom, new ballroom, pedestrian link, Centennial Trail/riverbank restoration and new skybridge connecting to 700 room Davenport Grand Hotel and parking garage.

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