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Los Angeles Wedding Band

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Find the Best Live Wedding Band in Los Angeles

When it comes to booking a Los Angeles wedding band for your Southern California wedding, you have a lot of options. Music can make or break a wedding reception, so it’s essential to research to determine the best wedding band for your needs.

Should you have live music at your wedding?

Live music serves as wedding entertainment and can significantly influence the reception. DJ services are another option to get guests dancing, and they might be able to play more genres than a live band or work with you to set a predetermined playlist. A live band can offer high-energy, live entertainment by playing universally loved songs. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice whether or not to have a live music band on your special day.

How much does a wedding band cost in Los Angeles?

Wedding band rates in Los Angeles vary depending on the band's size, performance length, and the amount of music entertainment experience they have. You might see rates from $2,000 to $3,000 for a four-hour set. Check wedding band websites for pricing or send a quote request for your customized event rate.

Can a live band play at a wedding?

Yes, a live band can be the perfect addition, not only to your reception, but also to these wedding events:
  • Engagement party
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Cocktail hour
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Wedding anniversary

How long do live bands play at weddings?

Set times vary depending on the wedding, but it’s common for dance bands to perform for two hours. They might play three 45-minute sets or two 60-minute sets over a three to four hour span. They can play shorter or longer time frames depending on the needs of a specific wedding.

What kind of music do wedding bands play?

Wedding bands play every genre of music. You might want to hire a cover band that specializes in a specific artist or band, or you might want a band that offers an extensive repertoire. Most party bands will tailor their setlist to your event. These are just a few genres to consider:
  • Soul/funk: Soul and funk music can get all ages dancing.
  • Jazz: A jazz ensemble can offer guests a lot of variety throughout the night, usually combining fast, upbeat music with soft ballads.
  • Pop: Pop music appeals to a wide audience and can get guests singing and dancing to past and current radio hits.

What to consider before booking a live wedding band

You’ll want to consider several things before booking wedding music for your special event.

Music style

First, you’ll want to decide what style of music you want. You can hire an acoustic duo or an entire brass band, so think about how you want the wedding reception to feel.


Consider how much space you’ll have for a band. Do you have enough room for a big band? You’ll want to ensure they have enough space to perform and that you also have a dance floor big enough to accommodate all of the guests.


Your budget might dictate the size of the band you can hire or the amount of time you can have them play. A two-piece band is going to be more affordable than a 14-piece band. Both can help create a unique wedding environment.


Search for the wedding band online and read past client ratings and reviews. Testimonials might help give you a clear picture of the service they’ll offer at the wedding. If you’ve seen a great band at another wedding, corporate event, or other special events, consider looking that band up and contacting them for a quote.

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